Vendor Transparency Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of their latest signature product VTS Basic.

Cost Effective

VTS Basic is a cost effective solutions for service providers that wish to house all of their compliance documents on one structured platform with access to all VTS modules, compliance manual templates, continued education courses and webinars, VTS Complaint Handling Module and the VTS Marketing Module. VTS does not provide any type of due diligence or monitoring for VTS Basic subscribers. At any time during the subscription period, VTS Basic subscribers may upgrade to VTS Professional, which does provide comprehensive due diligence and compliance monitoring.

The VTS Basic subscription allows, with your permission, through the acceptance of a RFI (Request For Information) from VTS subscribed lenders, access to your company profile in order to create and conduct their own level of due diligence and monitoring. This level of service also provides access to the most powerful marketing tool available in the industry, the VTS Marketing Module, allowing you to showcase your company, electronically, to lenders of your choice.

Self Monitoring

VTS Basic was created at the request of financial institutions, forwarders and associations that required a platform to conduct their own due diligence and for service providers that were looking for a lower cost approach in accessing the tools, documents and manuals required in today's new era of compliance. Because VTS is not providing any due diligence or monitoring, we offer the product at a much lower rate to your company.

The cost of VTS Basic is $495.00 annually. This rate includes full access to all modules and includes the cost of the first site inspections. The base price also includes the 1 site inspection. Additional site inspections are billed at a rate of $125.00.

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