Jeff Koistinen
Director of Operations

Jeff is responsible for the technology side of VTS and the day to day support needs of the company and its customers. He also handles the hiring of the companies IT staff.

Jeff Koistinen brings over 20 years of recovery related business experience to Vendor Transparency Solutions, LLC. Jeff got his start in the repossession business in the late 80’s as an employee at San Diego Auto Recovery. He later went on to open and operate his own recovery agency, HIR Services in South Dakota and Tucson Arizona from 1990 to 2001.

During this time Jeff realized a need for a web-based business solution to not only run his business but to also become a powerful business solution for his clients. Jeff hired a team of programmers from Tucson, Arizona to develop a web based repossession program to run his company.

In 2003, Jeff sold HIR Services to focus his attention on his new web based software. While he did not know it at the time, his vision and attention to detail created the first ever fully integrated web-based recovery software used by nationwide clients and recovery agencies. This program would later become known as Recovery Database Network (RDN), and would revolutionize the repossession industry.

Jeff was responsible for product development and the administration of RDN until the company was sold in 2010 to Openlane Inc. Jeff was also one of two Co-Founders of Digital Recognition Network (DRN), which he founded in 2008.

DRN is the license plate recognition system now in use nation-wide responsible for recovering countless wanted vehicles. Without the RDN’s, centralized database of records for wanted vehicles, DRN would have only been a dream.

In 2012, Jeff left RDN to put his expertise in recovery related software and product development to better use after realizing that there was a strong need for a web-based, truly compliant, business solution designed to track vendor transparency and compliance.

Through his innovative business solutions, it can probably be said that, in the Recovery Industry, no one individual has changed the way repossession companies operate their businesses more so than Jeff Koistinen.

Over a period of 10 years, Jeff took the recovery industry from faxing assignments and phoned-in updates to the digital age by creating a cost effective, nearly paperless, platform for lenders and recovery agents nationwide.

Max Pineiro

Max is responsible for the administration and product development of Vendor Transparency Solutions, LLC. He is also in charge of vendor contracting and investigative training. His understanding and vast knowledge of the compliance requirements related to the Recovery Industry has been a major asset to VTS’s product development.

Max Pineiro has been involved in the repossession industry for the past 25 years as an agency owner, consultant and industry expert. He has served as President and CEO of Elite Collateral Recovery, Inc., located in New Jersey and Florida, and has provided recovery and investigative services for many nationwide lenders, banks and credit unions.

He is also licensed by the NJ State Police as a Licensed Private Detective and serves as President and Senior Partner of Elite Search Team, Inc., a New Jersey based detective agency. His management of investigative assignments has included fraud investigations, risk management/loss prevention, and background screening services for national and international financial institutions.

He has been a consultant to many repossession agencies and has consulted with many nationwide financial institutions over the past 20 years. He has been hired as an industry expert, in several legal proceedings to provide case review and opinion for several legal firms. Max holds certifications including; CARS, RSIG, FDCPA, MPRS, TFA and ARA Continued Education.

During his time in the Repossession Industry, Pineiro has been a public speaker at several industry conventions and has covered topics ranging from marketing and development to compliance and risk management. He has been published in several industry publications including; Collection Advisor and Auto Finance News, Auto Remarketing and CU Collector.

James Bryan
Director of Compliance

Jim has been recognized as one of the brightest and most innovative regulators within the New Jersey State Police. During the last 15 years of his career, Jim has been the driving force utilizing technological solutions to bring several regulatory and licensing processes out of the dark ages into this century. His work has been replicated in 8 states and he has been published in two provinces in Canada.

Back in 1999 when most state agencies didn’t fully understand the Internet, Jim utilized this new medium to cut costs and manpower by converting most of the paper processes to downloadable forms. Jim was assigned to a committee to explore the possibility of “electronic fingerprinting.” This pilot program was successful and within six months, all Private Detectives and their employees were downloading requisite forms and submitting information electronically. The backlog and licensing processes were streamlined allowing personnel to increase their enforcement initiatives.

Next was to separate the security industry from within the Private Detective Act. Jim created several working groups utilizing unit personnel and leaders from the security industry to help create the Security Officer Registration Act (SORA). This new legislation required the creation and implementation of the first ever Internet based electronic application and E-commerce process in the history of the New Jersey State Police. He later went on to create and implement the training protocols for security officers and instructors.

By 2006, Jim was recognized as the New Jersey expert for Private Detective, Security and Bounty Hunter issues. He has been the key note speaker at numerous state and private sector functions. His expertise has been sought after by the Attorney General, County Prosecutors, and numerous other state agencies both in New Jersey and out of state. He has been tasked with providing executive summaries to the Colonel of the State Police, preparing responses for the Office of the Attorney General and handling news and media interviews. His passion and problem solving ability have made Jim a valuable commodity for VTS. His leadership abilities and experience in background investigations, regulatory licensing and compliance are unmatched.

Lieutenant Jim Bryan recently retired from the New Jersey State Police after serving 25 years.